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Dean started as a tour guide with California Sunriders in 2008 but has been a motorcycle enthusiast his entire life. He bought his first motorcycle at the age of twelve with money earned from a paper route. By fourteen, he was working as a lot boy for a local motorcycle dealer and racing motocross in his spare time. He graduated to road racing where he earned second place in the state of California before retiring from racing to raise his family and work his way up to Service Manager (also known as master trouble shooter) at several motor sports dealerships throughout Southern California.



About ten years ago, Dean got back into racing and is navigating for an off-road vehicle that races in the Baja 1000, the Baja 500, and other desert races out of Primm and Las Vegas, Nevada. Whether it is riding an ATV over the sand dunes at Pismo Beach or Glamis; a dirt bike over the Mohave Desert or the Sierra Nevada or Rocky Mountains; or a street bike on Colorado, Utah, or Tennessee's windy, twisty back roads, Dean lives, loves and breathes everything about motorcycle riding.

R.L. is a former state trooper as well as senator of the state of New Mexico. You can be certain that this Route 66 legend will show you parts of 66 which you'd never be able to find being on your own.


The former lawmaker joined us in 2004 and has since enhanced the touring experience of hundreds of riders by a mile. With his background you can imagine that this guy knows people.

R.L. is a true original and biker by heart, he's got a wealth of history information for the flock that travels with him and he loves to bring across the American spirit in his unique and sincere way.

As for the experience this man provides while guiding - let's put it this way: what R.L. doesn't know about Route 66 isn't worth knowing!

Marc started riding motorcycles around 20 years ago and has been a motorcycle enthusiast  from that first day forward.  He has owned over a dozen motorcycles, with most everyone being built before he was born.  You can say, collecting antique motorcycles has become his passion.  Marc is definitely a "people person" and meeting new friends is one of the things he enjoys most about guiding motorcycle tours. Tour guiding is a perfect match for Marc because it enables him to combine his love of motorcycling with the opportunity to meet and ride with motorcycle enthusiast form around the world.


Having been with California Sunriders since 2012, Marc is helping guide our Route 66 Tour and whatever else he can get under the wheels of his bike.  During off season, when he's not guiding for California Sunriders, Marc works for High Wire Graphics as a technology guru with over 10 years of B2B experience. 


Marc takes pride and great satisfaction in showing customers some of the most beautiful scenery in the USA. After completing tours with Marc, many clients tell him the trip was their best holiday ever and hearing that makes him feel great!  

Tim is a retired Fire Officer with a passion for travel and motorcycles. He has been riding street bikes since 1969 with various trips throughout the West during off days from work.


His passion for classic motorcycles has placed him in a 15 year role as chapter president of the SoCal Antique Motorcycle Club of America. He annually hosts road runs in Borrego Springs CA. and Death Valley CA. for classic bikes and he attends annual road runs put on by other chapters in the west.


Tim knows how to ride, where to ride, when to ride through these experiences. He really enjoys taking care of people and showing America and the West. He does know-how to get the most out of travel opportunities. He is also a skilled EMT and a back yard wrench, talents that do occasionally come on handy on road tours!


Tim is fluent in Spanish and English and he takes great pride in communicating with all of his travel partners even if it demands a good skill at hand language and drawings!

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