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adventure touring motorcycle

Customized Motorcycle Tours


What's your take on vacationing on two wheels? Most likely your idea differs from that of your friends, your brother or sister, or even your spouse. We all have different opinions, expectations, likes and dislikes in so many aspects of our lives; the same counts for our precious holiday time. We don't expect you to buy off the shelf. There are too many things to consider when planning your personal perfect motorcycle tour like daily mileage, hotel category, duration of the trip, and many more. Our forte is to provide you with input and professional guidance all the way until the end of your trip and we don't stop before it's 100% right for you.

Escorted Motorcycle Tours With California Sunriders


Take the time to explore our website further; then, contact us to request more information on our adventure touring motorcycle trips. We will be glad to answer your questions!

Best Escorted Motorcycle Trips USA By California Sunriders


That’s why, at California Sunriders, we deliver a unique adventure touring motorcycle experience that you can treasure for a lifetime. Our goal is to provide you with an experience you will never forget.

Guided & Self-Guided Adventure Motorcycle Tours USA

At California Sunriders,  we specialize in customized adventurous motorcycle vacations. For almost two decades, we have built an excellent reputation in the motorcycle tour industry – and since then, we have helped thousands of riders get on the road, enjoy their vacations and travel back home safely.


Although your ride is a great part of the journey, we know you want more than a motorcycle riding experience; you want a complete vacation, complemented by great rides everywhere you visit.

Harley-Daidson rental


The chosen travel date will have direct impact on the cost of your tour. Public holidays including several days prior and / or post the holiday, city wide conventions and other events will increase hotel rates significantly. Many hotels now require a two night minimum stay. We're here to guide you through the jungle of price traps.

motorcycle rental USA


You want budget accommodation or reside at luxury boutique hotels or a mix of both - whatever your choice turns out to be, we've got you covered. We have access to discounted rates at thousands of hotels and will make sure each stay is an experience in itself.

Route 66 motorcycle tour


We custom tailor your motorcycle tour according to your budget.

Route 66 motorcycle tour


Choose any duration for your motorcycle tour.

Route 66 motorcycle tour


Your finalized itinerary will meet your expectations of sights to see, daily mileage preference / riding hours and desired excursions. It is the largest task in designing your perfect motorcycle adventure - our communication with you won't stop before we've nailed it and got it all down to a T.

motorcycle rental USA


Select between a self guided motorcycle tour or a guided motorcycle tour. No matter what choice you'll make we'll supply the motorcycle rental USA as part of the package.

Harley-Davidson rental


Need a car before or after your tour? Want to add an excursion e.g. Grand Canyon helicopter flight? Thinking about tying the knot while on the road? Seeking help with additional accommodation before or after your trip?

Route 66 motorcycle tour

Motorcycle Tours USA

motorcycle tours USA

Self-Guided Motorcycle Tours For True Individualists

Our bike and hotel packages, also known as our self-guided motorcycle tours, are for the riders who consider themselves to be true individualists! These tours provide motorcycle rental in the USA, carefully selected hotels and a professional road guide book. Within the road guide book, we are providing you a suggested route based on our recommendations. You are welcome to use it, or to travel on alternate roads if you wish.


Self-Guided Motorcycle Tour Road Book


Your self-guided tour road book will contain all the information you need for your trip:


  • Itinerary

  • Detailed route

  • Hotel descriptions

  • Specific en route info

  • Sightseeing suggestions

  • Hotel vouchers


Upon request, we can also provide a special motorcycle GPS device for your trip. This is an excellent safety feature that many riders prefer. 

For each stop along the way, your accommodations will be pre-booked by us; at check-in, just present the hotel voucher attached to your California Sunriders travel documents.


Unlike guided tours, self-guided motorcycle tours are not bound to pre-set tour dates. You can book these motorcycle tours at any date that suits you, but please know that restrictions may apply due to public holidays and hotel availability at the actual travel date.

With our self-guided motorcycle tours, all you need to do is get to the starting location, pick up the bike of your choice, and hit the open road. Ride safely; we wish you an incredible trip!

Harley-Davidson rental

Guided Motorcycle Tours For A Carefree Vacation

A California Sunriders guided motorcycle tour is a custom tailored motorcycle vacation that provides professional tour guides, a motorcycle rental of your choice, support vehicle and carefully selected accommodations.


About Guided Motorcycle Tours by California Sunriders

All of our guided motorcycle tours are 100% guided, which means you will have an experienced tour guide on a motorcycle who leads the group and not just a map and directions on how to get to your hotel. The support vehicle stays behind the group at all times and besides carrying your valuable belongings it also functions as a safety factor by providing water, tools, first aid kit and access to a spare motorcycle.


What to Expect on Our Guided Motorcycle Tours


You will be accommodated in carefully selected three to four star hotels in prime locations with secure, easy motorcycle parking. Most of the time the hotels are within walking distance to restaurants and attractions. On a guided motorcycle tour you don't need to check in individually; your tour guide will conveniently check in for you and hand you the key to your room.

The Freedom of a Guided Motorcycle Tour


Your tour is not meant to be a conforming experience; when requested, we even allow individualists to ride alternate routes. Your guided motorcycle tour is going to be an event where you'll meet interesting people from all over the world, and all come here for the same purpose: to travel various destinations around the USA on a motorcycle. Often, our participants develop long-lasting friendships with each other.


We are here to provide an entirely different experience for you. To learn more about our guided motorcycle tours, contact California Sunriders today. We will be glad to answer your questions. 


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